Although we remain wholly self-owned and independent, over the years we have established a range of contacts and relationships with the best-known UK, EU and US public affairs agencies in order to be able to offer professional and coordinated services in those territories where we do not have our own offices. We also have our own network of high-level contacts in Brussels, London and Washington, DC, developed over years of business and political activities, allowing us to provide you with top-quality advice and intelligence on a range of strategic issues.

We are of course happy to work with whatever partner agencies you use. Our English-speaking staff are able to quickly coordinate and integrate our activities with your broader international team.

Any lobbying campaign is a complex process that requires quick and credible access to a range of local and international resources and players. Whether it is the local media, influencers, academics, business leaders, or area specialists – we can identify them and bring them on board, discreetly and efficiently. Our combined local presence of over 50 years in the region means that we understand who we need to contact and ask for help, and not be turned down.

If you require additional support through local legal counsel, public relations companies, advertising agencies, or events organisers, we can objectively and independently advise you who is the best for you to use. And because we are focussed on our own specialist services, we are able to work comfortably and professionally with whatever local team you assemble.


Please keep revisiting our Resources section to obtain free downloads of our latest in-house analyses of political developments in Central Europe, and also our bank of government documents and policy papers from and relating to the region.

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