Tamás Sárdi, The Managing Director and Partner of CEC Budapest


The Managing Director and Partner of CEC Budapest is Tamás Sárdi.

Tamás has a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he majored in European Studies, EU Policy-Making and International Business. He earlier graduated from the Faculty of International Relations at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences with a degree in European Studies and Tourism. Prior to joining CEC Budapest in January 2002, he worked for the Hungarian Ministry of Economy on a number of investment projects. At CEC, he has headed accounts with multinational and local clients including Philip Morris, EICTA (European Information & Communications Technology Industry Association), SAB Miller, Pfizer, MOL, Nokia, Atel, Holcim and Citadel. Tamás has also worked at the European level, leading campaigns in the European Parliament targeting Hungarian MEPs. Tamás speaks fluent Hungarian, English and German.

Dr. Dóra Almási, a Senior Consultant at CEC Budapest

Dr. Dóra Almási is a Senior Consultant at CEC Budapest. She has a Master of International Relations degree from the Gyula Andrássy German Speaking University of Budapest. Previously, she graduated from the Faculty of Law at Loránd Eötvös University. Dóra also studied at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 2004 and in the USA at the University of New Mexico. She has 5 years experience in Public Affairs at CEC, where she has headed accounts on IT (Google), energy and transport. Dóra speaks fluent Hungarian, English and German.

Diana Kesztyűs, consultant at The CEC Budapest

Diana Kesztyűs started her BA studies at the International Business School (Oxford Brookes University), also attending the Darlington College in England. Her major was in Economics and European Studies. After graduation Dia spent almost a year working first as a trainee, than as an expert in the Office of a leading Hungarian MP. She has been a consultant at CEC since 2008, specialising in tobacco issues. Dia is also studying PR at Budapest Communication College.

Katalin Zih, Consultant at The CEC Budapest

Katalin Zih is a Consultant at CEC Budapest. She studied information technology and management at Gábor Dénes College. Katalin worked in the Office of the Hungarian National Assembly, in the Office of the Government Commissioner responsible for IT and in the Ministry of IT and Communications. She joined CEC Budapest in 2007 and her specialist field is IT and Telecoms.


Tamás Sárdi

CEC Government Relations

Falk Miksa ut. 28/V/1

H-1055 Budapest
Tel: (+361) 354-1159

E-mail: ts@cecgr.com



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