OUR SERVICES:Access and Advocacy

Having established the facts and authored the scenario for success, CEC then identifies the decision-makers you ought to reach. We insist on being open about who we represent when we approach decision-makers, and we insist our clients adhere to a similar commitment to transparency. We will of course help you prepare your case to the highest standards. Whether you wish to represent yourselves or choose us to undertake advocacy on your behalf, we will ensure the most effective presentation of your message - as well as the most favourable reception.

We spend much time and energy in understanding the real relationships and ties that make decisions happen, looking not only at the formal structures of power in government and in parliament, but also understanding the informal web of personal and party influences that are often as important as the official ones – if not more so. We want to be confident that when you meet an interlocutor on our advice, you are not wasting your time – or his.

Whether at the level of central or local government, parliament or administration, political parties or advisory institutions, CEC Government Relations will initiate a programme to ensure your message is heard by the right people at the right time.


Please keep revisiting our Resources section to obtain free downloads of our latest in-house analyses of political developments in Central Europe, and also our bank of government documents and policy papers from and relating to the region.

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