OUR SERVICES:Coalition Building

Third party endorsement is often crucial to a campaign's success. Mobilizing support for your aims among the media, professional associations, think-tanks, pressure groups and at grass-roots level is one of our core strengths, and one that can add considerably to the credibility and legitimacy of your case.

On the basis of our in-country experience, we know the relationships and sensitivities that can make third-party endorsements work or fail. Managing those sensitivities and ensuring that the message is the same from all the partners is a difficult and full time task. Our experienced staff will work closely with you to ensure your coalition stays on track, whatever the tensions of the campaign.

In the broader battle of policy ideas, we pride ourselves in our contacts with local think-tanks and universities in the region, Brussels, and the United States, and encourage our clients to engage in the public debates on politics, business and international affairs that will ultimately shape the environment in which their businesses operate.


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