Following the accession of the Central European states to the European Union in 2004, it is now impossible to separate local lobbying from EU lobbying and decision-making. Decisions taken on EU Directives in the European Commission and the European Parliament will inevitably flow down to local legislation; and shaping the positions taken by Central European governments and MEPs on EU issues is the key to making life easier for you in Brussels.

Increasing amounts of our work are related to conducting coordinated lobbying campaigns across Central Europe on EU legislation. Our years in the region mean we have a head start in accessing the new Central European players in Brussels, whether they be in the Commission, or European Parliament. They have already made their presence felt on a number of issues, and their influence will grow in the future too.

Our local track networks will assist you in understanding who the new players from Central Europe are. We will assist you in your EU campaign by identifying the correct local Central European official dealing with your issue at the national level and in Brussels, and if your issue is in the European Parliament, then we will assist you in accessing the relevant MEPs both locally and in Brussels. We have excellent working relationships at the levels of local Foreign Ministries and with the Representations of Central European Member States in Brussels.

We can work directly in Brussels and Strasbourg on your behalf, whilst our relationships with well-known Brussels-based public affairs agencies mean we are flexible enough to work with your EU team whoever it might be – seamlessly meshing the campaigns to generate results when it matters.


Please keep revisiting our Resources section to obtain free downloads of our latest in-house analyses of political developments in Central Europe, and also our bank of government documents and policy papers from and relating to the region.

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