OUR SERVICES:Monitoring and Intelligence

Our core belief is that the success of any lobbying campaign is as only as good as the information and intelligence that forms the basis of our planning and your decisions.

We focus much of our resources on gathering from a wide range of printed and electronic sources developments on your key economic, political and legislative issues. Based on this, and on regular face-to-face meetings with officials and decision-makers, we are able to offer a monitoring and early-warning service, alerting you in advance to proposed policy measures that affect your interests. Sounding out policy-making circles, we can also provide feedback on the attitude taken by the authorities towards you or your competitors. We believe that our intelligence-gathering capability in the region is second to none, ensuring that when we plan your campaign we are aware of all the potential challenges - as well as opportunities - ahead.

We are happy to provide reputational checks on individuals and companies that you may be dealing with, checking with both open and informal sources. We work regularly with well-known partner companies from the UK in this field, and will be happy to discuss this aspect of our services directly with you.

We pride ourselves in the breadth and depth of our contacts in the journalistic and political world. If it is happening – we will know about it, and tell you promptly. If it is a rumour – we can verify it quickly and efficiently, so that you can make the right decisions on the basis of facts, not fiction.


Please keep revisiting our Resources section to obtain free downloads of our latest in-house analyses of political developments in Central Europe, and also our bank of government documents and policy papers from and relating to the region.

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