OUR SERVICES:Public Relations and Image Enhancement

Finely-tuned and directed public relations are a key element of any successful public affairs campaign. In Central Europe, where access to specialist information is still limited for decision-makers, and where research and analysis leaves much to be desired, the role of the media in shaping the immediate perceptions and attitudes of politicians is significant.

We can access the right journalists on your behalf, as well as organize press conferences, media events, and produce media materials, providing an understanding of your issue among key journalists and editors – and as a result, among the politicians. We can also work as a team with dedicated local public relations companies which you might have selected, or we can advise on which local agency will best serve your interests.

Popular preconceptions about a company cannot be left to chance. We advise on corporate positioning and philanthropy, with a view to having your actions and intentions considered on the most advantageous terms. Through understanding the network of charitable bodies we can advise on which activities it would be best for you to focus. We also have experience in a range of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives which will enhance your local reputation, and help you build relationships that last.


Please keep revisiting our Resources section to obtain free downloads of our latest in-house analyses of political developments in Central Europe, and also our bank of government documents and policy papers from and relating to the region.

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